Troll Tim Ireland of Bloggerheads: UNEMPLOYABLE

Tim Ireland gun

FOR some months now Tim Ireland AKA @Bloggerheads has been repeatedly telling his cronies that he will soon be in a position to explain his prolonged absence from Twitter, only to up and go missing again.

It has led to some speculating that he is in the midst of one of yet another one of his self-pitying personal crises.

Today TT can put their minds at rest and explain the actual reason is that a carefully constructed web of lies that Ireland has been spinning for some years now has well and truly brought the @Bloggerheads house down.

Indeed, the self-styled crusader for truth has had to walk out on his job before he was fired after his employer was alerted to the fact that Ireland was secretly using the resources of one of the UK’s biggest internet companies to smear and abuse a whole host of public figures, journalists, and witnesses to the Leveson Inquiry.

At once it explains how victims have found Ireland’s smears at the top of any Google search just hours after he has blogged them – namely that he has been using Jellyfish’s powerful search engine optimisation for his own despicable ends.

Worse still from an honesty point of view, the targets for Ireland’s abuse have included many of the corporate clients who pay Jellyfish Limited millions of pounds each year to promote them on the internet.

Thus one can readily see why Ireland’s £30,000 a year position as SEO and Social Manager at Jellyfish in Guildford, Surrey, has become completely untenable.


For those who are unfamiliar with Ireland’s particular brand of Twitter “handiwork” here are just a few from countless examples going back the last seven years:                                 

 jellyfish 2

jellyfish 3

jellyfish 4

jellyfish 5

Above is a typical example of how Ireland and his cronies exchange abusive comments about Rupert Murdoch.

jellyfish 6


Here again we see Ireland tweeting abuse directly to Rupert Murdoch.


Nothing wrong with that, you might say, until you turn to the page on Jellyfish’s website which lists it clients:

 jellyfish 7


Yes there in black and white – third down in the first column – The Times newspaper owned and funded by one Rupert Murdoch.


It must be stressed at this point that Jellyfish were completely unaware of how Ireland was mis-using its resources – and were indeed horrorstruck when the full extent of his actions were fully explained to them.

 jellyfish 8


As you can see here – Ireland has personally worked on Jellyfish’sTesco account, which would ironically include ensuring that abusive material about the company is removed from the internet.

Astonishing then that we not only see him posting abusive comments about the supermarket giant to his 6,000 Twitter followers – but also harassing the official @UKTesco account.

 jellyfish 9

jellyfish 10


The list could literally continue on as many other Jellyfish clients – The Telegraph, The Spectator Magazine, and The Guardian – have all come in for abuse from Ireland at the same time the company has been promoting them on the internet.

 UPDATE: Last week Jellyfish removed Ireland’s name from the “Our People” web page. At least one of his victims is understood to be consulting lawyers about a possible suit against the firm for failing to minitor Ireland’s abuse, with potentially more to follow. Where he will turn up next no-one knows – but whoever employs him might want to check out what he is tweeting and blogging about their clients.


Tim Ireland the Fraud: More Tory than the rest of us?

He is the computer geek long on talk and short on courage.

A man who repeatedly rants about what the Tories have done to the UK and who has “joked” about shooting one female Conservative MP through the brain and of raping another.

But the real wheeze is that Tim Ireland, who has occupied 100s of man hours from at least three police forces due to his venomous attacks on Twitter and on his blog, isn’t even from these shores.

The oddball who lives in a former council house (much, much more on this later) in Guildford, Surrey, originates from a small hick town in Australia.

Still more hilariously, that he lives here at all is largely due to his marriage to the daughter of a onetime banker whose family have much more in common with the kind of dyed-in-the-wool Tories that he loathes than the working class Lefties who follow his hysterical tweets.

Indeed so blue-blooded is Timothy by marriage that he is actually listed in The Peerage (a genealogical survey of the peerage of Britain as well as the Royal families of Europe) – yes the man who hates all things Conservative!

His father in law, the late Peter Allsopp, a former director of the London Bach Society no less, was even educated at Eton College (yes the same one where David Cameron and most of his Tory cabinet list as their Alma Mater).

Sometimes, as the saying goes, truth is truly stranger than fiction:

Peter William Allsopp1
M, #442141, b. 2 May 1940

Last Edited=21 Mar 2012
Peter William Allsopp was born …… He is the son of John Ranulph Allsopp and Audrey Carteret Priaulx Fellows.2 He married Pepita Mason, daughter of Lt.-Cdr. Peter E Mason, on …..1
He was educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England.1 He lived in 2003 at……….

Ireland himself appears in The Peerage courtesy of his marriage to Mr Allsopp’s youngest daughter Katherine.
Katherine Pepita Allsopp1
F, #442147,

Last Edited=21 Mar 2012
Katherine Pepita Allsopp was born on …..1She is the daughter of Peter William Allsopp and Pepita Mason.2 She married Timothy Scott Ireland, son of Donald Ireland, in 1993.1
From 1993, her married name became Ireland.

As Ireland himself tweeted last month – the couple reside in a former council property, which found its way onto the private market as a result of a Tory policy which enabled the working classes to become homeowners.

Ireland ranted about this to his supporters but left out one very salient – one might even say hypocritical fact. His mother in law has bought the council house immediately next door to him as a Buy To Let. Not bad so long as you have £250,000 cash to spare – Mrs Allsop bought the house without a mortgage.

Whenever there has been speculation about Ireland’s Tory connections he has dismissed them as lies – no doubt more than a little concerned about that his comrades might think.

Sadly for Timothy a piece of Labour legislation this time – means that the ownership of properties such as that in the hands of Mrs Allsopp can be ascertained for as little as £3.

More bloggage on our hypocritical – and very cowardly – friend (very) soon.

Narcissistic Disorder: Tim Ireland Bloggerheads

tim ireland

Timothy Ireland (pictured) clearly suffers from severe narcissistic disorder.

On the 13th December 2012 he was asked on Twitter why he had been offline for almost a month by a Twitter user called MrHazzers and left the reason as being narcissism: Living without Feelings and put a link through to this publication from his native Australia:

Actually the truth is more grubby.

The reality was that Timothy Ireland was offline for a month because he had made a complaint to Surrey Police about various journalists and former journalists threatening him. This turned out to be a pack of lies based on IP evidence much of which in fact he had fabricated.

The shock caused by Surrey Police potentially turning round his complaint into a time-wasting complaint against him unsettled him. The double shock caused by the police and his employer getting contacted about his Twitter outbursts, including threats of rape and murder, culminated in his silence.

With his employer watching his every move on Twitter, Ireland went into a long and silent patch.

On December 13th, Ireland’s Twitter companion Peter Connelly asked if he was feeling OK, Ireland replied Not sure if ‘OK’ is the word, but it feels good to be back on deck.

tim-ireland A photoshopped photo of Tim Ireland by Tim Ireland, typical of narcissists.

Tim Ireland is open about being a recovering alcoholic and has shown signs of addictive disorders the whole of his adult life. Unhealthy narcissists do not have a healthy sense of self but instead have learnt to live life from a false self. Ireland is a vicious narcissist that the British public should be made aware of.

In his warped mind Tim Ireland thinks that he is an influential blogger and better than a journalist. Yet the grim reality is that he lacks real followers and his blog rants show a complete lack of journalistic training. No newspaper will take him on as a journalist. Journalists mock him because he is only a blogger.

The Narcissist underneath the false mask moves between depression and aggression. The aggression is most prevalent where there is a threat of being uncovered or exposed as being false, wrong, corrupt, or exploitative. Ireland is known for being angry and a hater. Ireland  attempts to shroud these obvious symptoms by getting caught up in the maelstrom of British politics where there is plenty of anger and hate flying around on the web.

Timothy Ireland was exposed as a fraud on the 16th November 2012 by investigative journalists at Tabloid Troll in this blog post here

It is no coincidence that Ireland’s silence followed.

How could a man who spent most of the last two years chasing the Tory MP Nadine Dorries go silent when she was on national television on the show I’m a Celebrity? Everyone Ireland chased seemed to turn to gold. Iain Dale got his LBC radio show while Paul Staines became Mr Top Blogger UK himself. What did Timothy Ireland have?


A healthy and productive narcissistic person goes about their life in a passionate way, achieves their goals, but retains empathy, consideration for others, and often a mind-set of contributing to their community.

Tim Ireland knows that. He kids himself and others that he is Batman. He talks (his own words) of working in SEO by night and donning a cape by night. He honestly believes he is someone who gets lied about while exposing liars in media and politics. Yes this is what his Twitter account says.

Timothy Ireland pretends to contribute to society by volunteering as a scout master (see the photo he published of himself on his attack blog Bloggerheads).


A source tells us he helps set up the November 5th bonfire in his local village each year and even films and blogs about these events, in a vain attempt to make those who read his spiel think he is a healthy and productive citizen. He likes to portray himself locally as a victim, which is typical of an unhealthy narcissistic sociopath and covers his house in CCTV cameras, which again he has blogged openly about so as to perpetuate the victim myth.

Unhealthy narcissists like Tim Ireland “rise above” their felt sense of a shame-based self and become psychopathic and create a false self. Both the Covert and Overt Narcissist requires constant admiration and recognition from others. They will gather a following of needy or co-dependent followers and “sidekicks” who feed their narcissistic ego supplies by reminding them of how good they are, idealising them, putting them on a pedestal.

The follower will also self-delude themself that they are privileged and “seen” and “wanted” by being hard working “special” persons of interest to the narcissist. The sidekick is essentially co-dependent with the narcissist, often having a “caretaker” or low self-image personality disorder themself. This starts to create the basis of a cult dynamic.

Timothy Ireland’s sidekick is a man called Richard Bartholomew. Bartholomew, from Hastings, lives with his “overpowering” mother in a Hastings lodging house. Bartholomew’s mother, Rosemary, is known locally as a “battle axe” by some locals and has her son wrapped around her little finger. A single man in his forties living with his mother, he is the perfect and weak partner for our flawed friend Timothy Ireland.

Whether Ireland’s acknowledgement that he has sought help for his personality disorder is genuine or not, remains to be seen. This could be another lie. The pack of lies on which Timothy Ireland’s life is built crumpled at least once before when he hit trouble. It seems highly likely now there are or will be consequences now that he has been exposed, and he knows his game is up now that the police have started looking at the evidence and have worked out that he has been playing victim when he has been the perpetrator all along. He has now lost his job. The SEO Kung Fu he bragged about was lies too.

Narcissists have learnt that truth is a subjective reality and work to create perceptions in their favour, utilising lies and truth interchangeably. Ireland covers his house in CCTV cameras so that his neighbours are led to believe that he is a victim when they know him to be a rude bully. Ireland reports all negative comment about him to the police as if it is some kind of conspiracy. Ireland fakes evidence to suggest he is important when actually few know who he is and noone responds to his questions on the web anymore now they know he is unstable and a very odd person.

Timothy Ireland is approaching old age. Recovering from such a deep narcissistic disorder is virtually impossible at his age.

Ireland’s victims have stated in the past that they have tried to reason with him but he reacted strangely as though he were living in another reality. The Narcissist reacts to and is overly sensitive to any criticism or threat of being exposed, which is countered with rage and retribution. As the narcissist is always right in their own mind, and will lie without conscience, you cannot constructively argue or negotiate with them.

On December 13th Timothy Ireland tweeted Hi folks. Sorry to have been away for so long. I will explain why in good time. He then responded to his own tweet using a fake Twitter account. Even then when he had reached a very low point he continued to fuel self-created myths.

From December 14th 2012 Ireland went silent again until declaring he was to change in a strange post in January on his blog. Since then posts on his blog have been strange but not threatening except here below where he wields a gun in the air in an obvious death threat to his victims who dare stand up to him.

Tim Ireland gun A worn down Tim Ireland realising he’s a busted flush.

Tabloid Troll and others can eventually expect a massive outburst from Ireland. Ireland will attempt to twist police interviews of the journalists and former journalists he has attacked into a series of posts and tweets about how he has been threatened and attacked. He will contact his exposers’ lawyers and family out of the public scene to make it seem he is still a victim.

His subordinate Richard Bartholomew will be used to piling on the lies and will help.

Richard Bartholomew is an unfortunate soul as he blogs for a Narcissist and clearly lives with one too. Bartholomew is a little younger than Ireland and can break away from the hold the others have over him but it seems unlikely now that he will ever try. The freak show that is Tim Ireland is Bartholomew’s Oxygen. Without Tim Ireland, Bartholomew is nothing but a lonely bachelor living in his old mum’s boarding house in grotty old Hastings.

The Bartholomew-Ireland freak show looks set to roll on, picking up even more unlucky victims. The only way it will stop is through police intervention and/or tragedy and/or illness.